Looking for that perfect knit (in silk) that does not pile and you can wear all day long without breaking a sweat? 

The solution is HERE 

Gazing through the IG , is watching a 60s film still of French cinema, This was the inspiration for Chrissy Leavell, the designer behind “One Hours” (Une Heures) She focuses on only one category , silk knits that are available for both genders.

Her motto in creating this garment is to own an item that can last for a lifetime. 

The silk is sourced from Italy and all knits are made in the USA.

I would like to share more on the types of knits that's more unique and available in Souvenir boutique.

1) Short Sleeve Scallop Dress

This gorgeous easy to don over knit dress in “pool” colour is an effortless piece. Transcending from day to night is a breeze (pun intended)

2) Button Up Sailor Neckline in ¾ Sleeve 

Available in black and beige, the sailor neckline allows for slight exposure of the collarbone. One can tuck in or out. The buttons are sourced from the seed of a Tagua nut and its naturally vegetable dyed.

3) Short Sleeve Ringer (Contrast Neckline & Sleeve)

This style is available for both genders, 

The contrast colours of royal blue against the white is sleek and sophisticated.

The royal blue on the neckline and sleeve was spun twice so as to hold the shape after numerous wears. 

4) Short Sleeve Split Collar (Black with Ivory Accents)

A split hem and narrow vertical ribbing allows for active movement and breathability. 

Stand out in the crowd with this curated merchandise. 

Do NOT hesitate to view and try on these silk knits as it's meant to highlight and accentuate our flaws.