Feeling “BLUE” and requiring an UPLIFT in your LIFE?

I Introduce you to MAISON EUREKA

Elusive Japanese designer Yurika Nakatsu established Maison Eureka in 2015.

This maison is based in Berlin and is known for remaking and redesigning vintage clothing into unique garments. 

The details that one notices up-close is immense and extraordinary.

When you view Maison Eureka instagram , you will be enthralled by the explicit images.

These individual stills are so artistically shot , it frames to a wider image and makes one ponder. 

I would like to share 4 items here and to highlight its attributes: 


Black is often associated with dismal and melancholy. 

However , for these vintage reworked jeans , it provides ultimate comfort upon wearing. 

This is achieved by extended buttonholes and hooks. 

With an excess fabric that is stitched and allowing  an extra layer of protection, you will have an adrenaline rush to manoeuvre on ways to style this sombre piece. 

Plus the “shoe string” that goes through the loops is the belt and it's adjustable. 


The first impression emanating from this image is “this chinos looks drab and massive”

I beg to differ as this rework chinos is made from a soft cotton twill that's treated. Upon touching the lustrous feel of these chinos , you will be enraptured to try it on.

There is no zipper (only the teeth remains) as the adjustable belt that goes through the loops will be the key cincher for styling. 


Known as the “Pieni” , this squarish carryall will make you a standout amongst the crowd.

Made from cowhide (glazed in black) and pigskin (the inner orange) , the 2 leathers provide a contrast in texture without being stark.

You can tote this bag for grocery shopping or place it on your coffee table and fill it with magazines. 


Crafted from smooth calf and nubuck , these trainers are available in all white or white with black panel accents that are a must have in your sneakers rotation.

When you step into these leather trainers ,  a cushioned bed for your feet , comfort is of the utmost importance.

The grooved rubber sole provides traction upon walking and its anti-slip a relief from tripping on smooth surfaces. 

I strongly recommend nabbing these trainers for daily usage. 

Maison Eureka’s items are invariably imbued with a sense of comfort and familiarity. 

So hurry , make a trip to Souvenir boutique to view more!