Based in Copenhagen and founded by two close friends from Seoul, South Korea. 

This brand blends both Scandinavian and Korean design aesthetics together, with a dedication towards sustainable and ethical working practices. 

The word "BIRROT" is derived from the Korean word "birrot hada," which means "to develop" or "to draw a process to a conclusion. A gender-free brand that proposes a fusion of Scandinavian minimalism and traditional Korean silhouettes, exploring how the balance and values of the two cultures have influenced each other.

The label’s aim is to create sophisticated silhouettes in unique colors that are comfortable to wear.

Hence, i would like to feature 4 items and emphasize its attributes:


This tent dress with a lower scoop line (for the back) is made from nylon. 

The crinkle that is visible is intentional and provides texture for the wearer. 

Comfort is key and hence the flow for this tent dress is of an A-line silhouette


Ruched at the sides and with a knotted strap , there are snap buttons on the knots.

These snap buttons allow for expansion when you slung over your shoulder.

Once you snap the buttons, it transforms into a dumpling (as seen above) 

Hence , this bag is coveted as this color in olive gray will match easily with any tones.


This iconic piece is the main show piece for this collection. 

The initial sketch was visualized onto a drawing and transferred digitally.

The three dimensional drawing is brought to life with the final product (as seen above)

This stunning top will definitely turn heads when you are spotted donning it.

Sexy yet sophisticated is the description apt for this look.


Crafted from polyester cady , this unisex piece can be worn in many ways.

Worn on its own or over another long sleeve shirt , creating a pizzazz instantly.

The volume of this fabric allows fluid movement without imposing weight.

In all, I would highly recommend this stylish and effortless dressing over a cooler climate.

To surmise , BIRROT merchandise is simple and sleek.

The devil is in the details.

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