Despite the atrocities thats with the ongoing war, four friends rallied and formed : 

Launched in 2018, Adish is an Israeli-Palestinian brand pairing contemporary silhouettes with traditional Palestinian craft techniques. Adish means ‘apathetic’ in Hebrew. 

They wanted to name what our Israeli partners saw around them — apathy amongst the majority of Israelis towards the occupation & the oppression of Palestinian people — and emphasising that there is no neutral position on the illegal occupation of Palestine. 

They work with living crafts that are traditional in Palestine and elsewhere to counter the systematic erasure of cultural heritage that is commonplace in Israel. This brand was established as a collaborative effort between Israelis Amit Luzon and Eyal Eliyahu, Palestinian-American artist Jordan Nassar and Palestinian, Ramallah-based Qussay K. 

These partners met through their associations with the Parents Circle Families Forum, an initiative that brings together bereaved families of Palestinians and Israelis who have fallen victims to the ongoing violence, with the aim of fostering reconciliation and sustainable peace. From this meeting, the idea of possible cooperation grew. Core Objectives

Acknowledgement : Naming things truthfully is the first, essential step. In the face of cultural and geographic erasure of Palestine, naming who, where and what is a simple but vital act of resistance. 

Anti-apathy : There is no neutral position on the occupation of Palestine by Israel. Our Israeli partners recognise their position in the forces of occupation, and seek to propel anti-occupation awareness, especially amongst their Israeli peers, by using the systems of privilege for good. 

A new approach : Cynicism is easy. We aim to navigate an alternative approach towards change; through business and creativity, to do what politics and aid can not. 

Evolution : We work in an area with a lot of fine lines. Every model is imperfect. At every opportunity, we improve our own model to make it fairer, more transparent, and more useful to the movement for peace and justice.

Behind this craftwork is a network of workshops and communities of craftspeople from Palestine and Israel with whom we collaborate on the production of all of our collections, with each craft distinctively representing the history and identity of its own region. 

Each one of our garments is embellished with handmade elements representing longstanding Middle Eastern textile heritage. From traditional Palestinian embroidery to ancient Bedouin hand weaving, the cultivation of these artistries and the communities out of which they grow via collaborations with the local workshops has become the core of our creative endeavour. 

Despite the logistic complexities this work process often entails, our central aim is to contribute to the expansion and flourishing of these workshops with every collection.


This map is attached as a label to each of an garment.

For the Spring-Summer 2024 collection , presents “Shallow Waters” , a collection that explores how water has enriched Palestine and its citizens.

While highlighting the apartheid regime Israel imposes and this is evident in the current humanitarian water crisis. 

The colour palette with hues of turquoise, blue and tan evokes the Mediterranean coast for its skies , sea and sandy shores. 

Hence, i would like to highlight 5 amazing items featured in this Spring-Summer 24 collection:

1. Naf Nuf Cotton Cargo Shorts

    Available in colours of grey and beige , these comfortable cotton shorts that are made in Palestine and cotton sourced from Japan and Italy is a head turner.

    The embroidery patterns motif is of an airy fairy branch and this is Tatreez craft that is exclusive to Palestine.

    2. Jarra Stripes Shirt

      Available in 2 colours of sky stripes and beige stripes , these 2 shirts with a contrast embroidery that's on the left chest depicts a pottery vase.

      The exquisite Tatreez embroidery makes an eminent entry on this soft cotton poplin shirt with a boston collar.

      3. Crocheted Cotton Bucket Hat

        Hand made embroidery by the Bedouin tribe. These elusive nomads live in the desert. 

        Most have assimilated in Israel and are involved in herding and agriculture. 

        This crocheted cotton hat clearly depicts the sun’s rays that shone through the harsh desert where the Bedouins originated.

        4. Adish x Small Talk Button Down Short Sleeve Linen Shirt

        A collaboration with Small Talk ; an artist based in NYC. This successful collaboration has seen a roaring response from customers. 

        This linen shirt has artwork of the sea life that's digitally printed front and back and on the sleeves. 

        A Palestinian embroidery is stitched onto the left chest pocket completing the Adish design imprint.

        5.Adish x Suicoke Majdalawi MOTO CAB

        Another collaboration for footwear with renowned Suicoke. This Japanese brand that was founded in 2006 in Tokyo is eminent for its comfortable sandals and eye-catching designs.

        For this new season, the body of these sandals available in white and black are hand woven with a Majdalawi (thats originating from Palestine) 

        Whereas, the hand embroidery Tatreez detailing are seen etching onto this Majdalawi hand woven fabric on the body of these plush yet comfy sandals.

        With the cushioned footbed that's elevated and providing relief with every traipse , these sandals are the epitome of quiet luxury.

        Adish has been heralded as a niche designer brand that celebrates its rich culture that spans thousands of years. Yet, this brand was conceived by a union of 2 opposing nationalities that has been at war since 1948.  This lovely union has brought an amazing array of items season after season and will continue to do so in the future.  Only time will tell on the human genocide thats ongoing and pray that a ceasefire be enforced.