This clothing label from Japan has garnered plenty of attention and resolute response from ardent fans worldwide.

Referencing a documentary of the same name in 1964, this surf clothing line expresses retro surf through art.

Thus, developing a collection of apparel that is created with a relaxed lifestyle in mind that is both new and nostalgic.

This is where TES's T-shirt production began:
Made in Japan, this product reproduces the unique crisp feel of American cotton with a low oil content, the uneven texture of the fabric surface created by knitting with coarse thread, the texture of faded prints unique to second-hand clothing, and the atmosphere unique to second-hand clothing.
That's how the current T-shirt was born.
The crisp feel and irregularities on the surface of the fabric are reproduced using air-spun yarn called open-end, which has been repeatedly improved.
The unevenness and texture of the print was reproduced by using ink with high moisture content and by using modern technology inkjet printers.
In addition, to prevent the product from losing its shape while being worn, the product is washed and dried in a tumbler after calculating shrinkage. By doing so, we created a sturdy body that does not get clogged with fabric and retains its shape even after repeated washing.

Here, i would like to introduce to you 6 items that are featured under Spring 2024 collection: 

  • “Year of the Dragon” Long Sleeve Tee
  • This long sleeve tee which is made of 60% cotton and 4% polyester commemorates the chinese zodiac for the year 2024 ; the dragon. The gorgeous embroidery of the dragon on the back and TES (not the acronym) is a page turner. This item can be worn from spring to fall without haste. Available in black and white for Souvenir boutique.

  • Calm Bandana Embroidered Long Sleeve Tee

  • This unique tee which is embroidered front and back , encapsulates the bandana aptly named for this tee description. The fit is roomy providing a cosy feel to the wearer. Available in black and white for Souvenir.

  • Banana Surf Nylon Cap(s)
  • This adorable embroidered cap that is made of nylon taslan is lightweight , breathable and cooling to wear during the humid months. It is also waterproof , wind and abrasion resistant. Available in khaki, beige ,black and navy in Souvenir. 

  • TeS Art Gallery Sweatshirt Hoodie
  • The original sweat fabric has been updated to Azuma fleece from this season. Old-style Azuma knitting machines go at a slower speed than mass-produced machines, so there is less tension on the threads, resulting in a fluffy and firm fleece. This is a high quality sweatshirt made  in Japan using precious knitting machines. An artistic depiction of Freble's "Buruburu" is seen at the back of this hoodie. Available only in white for Souvenir.

  • TES times long sleeve tee
  • This long sleeve tee  uses an original heavyweight jersey that is faithfully produced in Japan and is made from American cotton. Producing a texture that looks like it has been washed. It has a tight density and yet soft , making it durable and extremely comfortable to wear. From this season, the size was revised  and updated to a size that is easier to wear. The design depicts a newspaper delivery man distributing extra issues in a vintage style. Available in white and sky blue in Souvenir. 

  • Four BUHI Resort Long Sleeve Tee
  • Featuring the iconic french bulldogs relaxing on a sofa , this popular 4BUHI design is synonymous with TES. This design is featured at the back whereas the iconic french bulldog on a surfboard graces the front of this long sleeve tee. Available in white and beige for Souvenir boutique.

    TES (The Endless Summer) apparel line captures the vivacity and creativity of the same name documentary in 1964 , interpreting into a playful take of french bulldogs and the surfboard and a slice of California landscape.  All items are made in Japan (entirely) and it is only stock in Souvenir.  Do not hesitate to make a purchase as the limited pieces will be a mainstay in your closet and you will morph into an enamoured client instantly!