Vintage meets Contemporary? A concept of owning your identity?!

Lauded as the FUTURE of Japanese fashion! 

Presenting to you:

Born in 1979. In 2005, she opened a vintage shop called "JANTIQUES" in Nakameguro with her husband, Hitoshi Uchida. After gaining experience in buying, she started the women's brand ``FUMIKA_UCHIDA'' in 2014. 

In 2018, she opened the brand's first street-level store in Hongo 3-chome.


I would like to elaborate on 4 pieces from Autumn/Winter 2023 here:

Flocky Printed Tulle Bodysuit 

This unique piece is a marriage of a mock neck sweater and a bathing suit. 

The criss cross that's created by interlocking the strings provides a playful take on this extraordinary piece.

The fabric which is of nylon tulle is lightweight and breathable. 

Gold Foil Leather Bloomers (Pants)

Bloomers were incepted in 1851 as a “symbol of the suffrage movement”

This rich history applies to this design in a leather version (above) to signify freedom , luxury and equality.

Wear it on its own or layer with another thinner pants underneath to exude “je ne sais quoi”

Loop Yarn Hand Knitted Vest 

This sleeveless vest looks akin to the sheeps that's featured in “Wallace and Gromit”

Made of wool and acrylic , this outstanding piece will be a focal point when you don for your winter jaunt. 

Meant to be layering with your cosy cashmere sweater , amp it up with the leather bloomers prior or with the ribbed corset top. 

Trimmed Velour Midi Dress 

Front View                                                 

Back View

Crafted from cotton and polyester blend, this midi dress with a pomp at the sides is one stunner.

The yellow and pink accents along the collar, sleeves and centre that grooves before ruching provides an exuberance to the wearer. 

If you are sussing out an interesting item that integrates vintage elements,  remarkable history of clothing from  the past and making it current , is the touted designer label from Japan that is utterly desirable!